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Blood and Secrets

(Coven Tales: Book 1)

November 25, 2023 / ISBN 979-8-8700452-9-0 / 218 pages
Genres: Urban Fantasy/Adventure/Mystery/Crime/Detective/Romance/LGBT/Lesbian Romance/Fiction
Coven Tales: Blood and Secrets by Erik Schubach
An best selling book.Detective Enid Vosh, a Malefica, or Witch, and recent graduate of the NYPD Academy, finds herself embroiled in a homicide case which points to a serial killer in the city. The victims all wind up being Elves who are hiding in the city as Sapiens, from the International Aelftus Assembly.

Following the twists and turns in the case with her partner, Detective Rashid Sader, with the aid of Enid's own Coven, the venerable Central Park Coven and improbably, a representative of the Elf Assembly, it is a race to find the killer before he strikes again.

Secrets are revealed, including one Enid herself has held her whole life, and a new ally is made. Caroline Duffy, self made billionaire, takes an interest in Enid that is more than just professional, and Enid finds herself helpless against the beguiling woman.

Author's Note:
Sonia Laun is a fictional neurodivergent Elf character in my Elfed In New York series who wrote a book called Coven Tales in the novels, so I thought I'd share that story with you. The universe her book resides in parallels the world of Elfed In New York that Sonia lives in.
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