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Techromancy Scrolls Series

by Erik Schubach
Almost three thousand years after a natural global extinction event devastated the Earth, mankind struggles to rebuild from the ashes in a world where magic and technology collide in the lands of Sparo. The lands of hope, where nobles rule from the keeps in the habitable lands, and rouge magic users threaten all that mankind has recovered.

The books follow a chicken farmer commoner, Laney Herder, as she is thrust into the world of nobles and knights. With her diminutive stature and her heart of gold, she proves that even the smallest thing can have the biggest effect on the outcome of any event.

With her knight, Lady Celeste, at her side, those who would threaten the safety and security of her home and people in Wexbury learn not to cross blades with the champions of Wexbury.
Books in the Techromancy Scrolls series...
Book 1 - Techromancy Scrolls: Adept
Book 1
Book 2 - Techromancy Scrolls: Soras
Book 2
Book 3 - Techromancy Scrolls: Masquerade
Book 3
Book 4 - Techromancy Scrolls: Westlands
Book 4
Book 5 - Techromancy Scrolls: Avalon
Book 5
Book 6 - Techromancy Scrolls: New Cali
Book 6
Book 6 - Techromancy Scrolls: Colossus
Book 7
The story continues in the Sparo Rising spinoff series...
Book 1 - Sparo Rising: Blade of Wexbury
Book 1
Book 2 - Sparo Rising: Mason of York
Book 2
Book 3 - Sparo Rising: Hammer of Flatlash
Book 3
Book 4 - Sparo Rising: Minstrel of the Andrei
Book 4
And Misty and Ingr's story is in the Shadow of the Scrolls novella series...
Book 1 - Shadow of the Scrolls: Hell's Gate
Book 1
Book 2 - Shadow of the Scrolls: Arcadia
Book 2
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