Worlds of imagination await!

Worldship Files Series

by Erik Schubach
Humans and Fae in space? What could possibly go wrong?

The Worldship Files follow the cases of Knith Shade, a human law enforcement officer of the Enforcers Brigade aboard the Worldship, Leviathan, five thousand years into its ten thousand yer multi-generational journey to a new planet.

The Humans, Fae, shape shifters, Vampires, and the other paranormal races on a dying Earth build the Worldship, Leviathan to make the interstellar quest to a new planet.
Books in the Worldship Files series...
Book 1 - Worldship Files: Leviathan
Book 1
Book 2 - Worldship Files: Firewyrm
Book 2
Book 3 - Worldship Files: Cityships
Book 3
Book 4 - Worldship Files: Morrigan
Book 4
Book 5 - Worldship Files: Changeling
Book 5
Book 6 - Worldship Files: Mutiny
Book 6
Book 7 - Worldship Files: Utopia
Book 7
Book 8 - Worldship Files: Contagion
Book 8
Book 9 - Worldship Files: Underside
Book 9
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