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London Harmony Series

by Erik Schubach
The London Harmony series follows June, the daughter of Many Fay Harris as she builds her private record label in London with breakout musical talents.

Each book features the story of an up and coming talent in the London underground music scene and how June folds them into the ever growing family of musicians under one roof.

The main message of this series is that... everyone has beauty inside them that needs to be shared.
Books in the London Harmony series...
Book 1 - Water Gypsy
Book 1
Book 2 - Feel The Beat
Book 2
Book 3 - Roctoberfest
Book 3
Book 4 - Small Fry
Book 4
Book 5 - Doghouse
Book 5
Book 6 - Minuette
Book 6
Book 7 - Squid Hugs
Book 7
Book 8 - The Pike
Book 8
Book 9 - Flotilla
Book 9
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