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(The Bridge: Book 3)

November 12, 2015 / ISBN 978-0-9966241-5-2 / 214 pages
Genres: Paranormal/SciFi/Urban Fantasy/Romance/LGBT/Lesbian Romance/Fiction
The Bridge: Unbroken by Erik Schubach
An best selling book.After one of the Fae under her protection in Cincinnati, Felicia, is kidnapped, Evangeline Kane finds herself embroiled in a mysterious plot that could have far reaching consequences for all the Fae ruled by the Three Courts.

She must brave the perils of the Under-Veil, in the land of Fae to prevent a possible Fae war, and retrieve the Woodland Imp that was taken from them.

A reality away from her bridge, can the Troll of the Roebling bridge even hope to fight Felicia's captors and accusers?
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