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Flotilla: Keeping Time

/ ISBN 978-0-9985110-3-0 / 210 pages
Genres: Romance/LGBT/Lesbian Romance/Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy/Fiction
Flotilla: Keeping Time by Erik Schubach
An best selling book.Melinda Stafford, an inspector with London’s Office of Historic Preservation is assigned to oversee the renovation of a historic building along the River Thames that the Flotilla Project is converting into living spaces for those in need.

She wasn’t prepared to meet a boiler system mechanic who played into her obsession with all things Victorian. Beatrice Abbott presses all of Melinda’s buttons, being what could be described as a real life Steampunk mechanic.

Bea doesn’t seem to even notice Meli’s physical disability, and the muscular blonde has a unique way of communicating with the people around her.

(The Flotilla series is a spinoff of the bestselling London Harmony series.)
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