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(Elfed In New York: Book 5)

April 02, 2023 / ISBN 979-8-3902047-6-4 / 260 pages
Genres: Urban Fantasy/Adventure/Mystery/Romantic Comedy/Romance/LGBT/Lesbian Romance/Fiction
Elfed In New York: Fugitive by Erik Schubach
An best selling book.Twenty one years ago, Evander Laun and Natalia Havashire went on the air throughout the world on almost every news channel simultaneously, to reveal to the human race that Elves walked among us. It is the most-watched historical event in modern times.

Killishia Renner, Kia, after recently discovering she was an Elf too, along with the rest of the world when she Elfed on live television, has had a hectic few months with no time to catch her breath.

Word reaches the International Elf Council and the U.S. government, that a fugitive terrorist woman from Ethiopia is suspected of being in New York City, and a formal demand of extradition to the war torn nation that is part of the Laramer Bloc of anti-Elf countries.

Shocking revelations ensue when Killy finds and discovers the shocking truth of it all.

In a desperate bid to get the woman onto Aelftus sovereign soil at Laun Tower for sanctuary, violence ensues in an ambush that throws Manhattan into chaos. The ramifications of which cause Killishia to come out into the open as a Halfling on WTRL News.
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