Worlds of imagination await!

Unleashed Series

by Erik Schubach
The Unleashed lesfic romantic comedy series follows the flirty and quirky Finnegan Temprence May, dog walker extrodinaire in Manhattan. Fin finds herself embroiled in case after case on the streets of New Yourk through no faoult of her own - ish.

Along with her dog, Calvin, and the aggivating but sexy detective, Jane McLeary, Fin keeps the city safe.

Prepare for plenty of laughes and emotion as the Finnegan and Jane find themselves slowly drawn to each other.
Books in the Unleashed series...
Book 1 - Case of the Collie Flour
Book 1
Book 2 - Case of the Hot Dog
Book 2
Book 3 - Case of the Gold Retriever
Book 3
Book 4 - Case of the Great Danish
Book 4
Book 5 - Case of the Yorkshire Pudding
Book 5
Book 6 - Case of the Poodle Doodle
Book 6
Book 7 - Case of the Hound About Town
Book 7
Book 8 - Case of the Shepherd's Pie
Book 8
Book 9 - Case of the Bull Doggish
Book 9
Book 10 - Case of the Dalmatian Salvation
Book 10
Book 11 - Case of the Irish Sitter
Book 11
Book 12 - Case of the Pom Poms
Book 12
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