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Elfed In New York Series

by Erik Schubach
Nineteen years ago, Evander Laun and Natalia Havashire went on the air throughout the world on almost every news channel simultaneously, to reveal to the human race that Elves walked among us. It is the most-watched historical event in modern times. An aspiring investigative journalist, Killishia Renner, finds out with the rest of the world that she is an Elf unbeknownst to her, when she manifests Elvish physical traits on the air during the Tree Lighting ceremony in Rockerfeller Center in New York. It challenges everything she thought she knew about herself and her family.
Books in the Elfed In New York series...
Book 1 - Elfed In New York: Intern
Book 1
Book 2 - Elfed In New York: Riicathi
Book 2
Book 3 - Elfed In New York: Magus
Book 3
Book 4 - Elfed In New York: Transparency
Book 4
Book 5 - Elfed In New York: Transparency
Book 5
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