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Shadow of the Scrolls Series

by Erik Schubach
Shadow of the Scrolls is a N/A Y/A spinoff series from the Techromancy Scrolls. These short novellas follow Misty, Ingr, and Shanicia as they get into misadventures as they navigate the transition from teen to adult.

Almost three thousand years after a natural global extinction event devastated the Earth, mankind struggles to rebuild from the ashes in a world where magic and technology collide in the lands of Sparo. The lands of hope, where nobles rule from the keeps in the habitable lands, and rouge magic users threaten all that mankind has recovered.
Books in the Shadow of the Scrolls series...
Book 1 - Shadow of the Scrolls: Hell's Gate
Book 1
Book 2 - Shadow of the Scrolls: Arcadia
Book 2
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